School Uniform


  • Grey/Black trousers (or grey shorts)
  • Royal Blue school sweatshirt, with optional school logo (order through school), jumper or cardigan
  • White or sky blue polo shirt with collar, or ordinary white or sky blue shirt
  • White or grey socks


  • Grey/Black pinafore dress,  skirt, culottes or trousers
  • White or sky blue blouse, shirt or polo shirt
  • Royal Blue school sweatshirt, with optional school logo (order through school),  jumper or cardigan
  • An alternative summer uniform for girls is a blue checked gingham dress
  • White or grey socks, or neutral coloured tights in winter months

Boys and Girls Footwear

  • Suitable school shoes, or sandals in summer – NOT trainers.
  • In wet/snowy weather, pupils who choose to walk to school in wellingtons or boots should change into their school shoes once in the school building.


  • White T-shirt and blue shorts, light flexible thin-soled plimsolls.

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