Our Governing Body

The governing body exists to help St Mary’s RC Primary School, Richmond improve and provide the best possible education for its pupils.

The board of governors is made up parents, school staff, and members of the local parish community.

We play three key roles – to provide a strategic overview, to act as a critical friend to the school and to ensure accountability.

The head teacher provides us with regular reports about the school and we hold regular meetings, as a body and in separate committees. Together we form a corporate body with a clear division of responsibilities and duties. Our responsibilities include:

  • Helping to set standards and targets for performance for the school.
  • Having an overview of the curriculum.
  • Helping to set policies for ourself and the school.
  • Delivering effective planning including financial and personnel planning.

Below you can see the structure of our committees and individual governor roles. The Terms of Reference define the role and responsibilities of each committee.

We aim to know and support the school, and to act as a critical friend. If you would like to contact any of the governors please contact the school who will pass on your message.

The headteacher is always a member of the governing body, along with one member of staff.

The governing body also has two parent governors (who are elected by the parents).

The remaining six governors are appointed by the Diocese of Middlesbrough, usually on the recommendation of our parish priest, Canon Michael.The governing body also has a clerk, who doesn’t vote but does keep the minutes of all governing body meetings.

    Overview of School Local Governors & Register of Business Interests 20-21

    Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Board

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